The moment that you've all been waiting for has finally arrived!

The biggest ESN event ever, the one that will make your Erasmus unforgettable, we are talking about the one and unique…


What is it?

Just try to imagine 3 whole days of a non-stop party, with more than 3000 Erasmus from all the ESN sections of Italy, in one of the most popular places in Italy and across Europe for fun, parties, clubs and nightlife!
This year we will go to the famous RIVIERA ROMAGNOLA in RIMINI!
3 days of fun with the sea, sun, parties, parties, parties, music, djs, and again, so much fun!!!

Here is the program of the weekend:
- Departure to Rimini by train, on Thursday, May 16th, around 8 AM;

- THURSDAY 16th: sea, sun, party and alcohol ...
- In the afternoon: Party
- In the evening: party
- FRIDAY 17th: sea, sun, party ...
- In the afternoon: party
- In the evening: party
- SATURDAY 18th: alcohol, beach, party, sun ...
- In the afternoon: party
- In the evening: party
- SUNDAY 19th: The event is unfortunately over, and sadly it is time to return to Ferrara.
-breakfast, check out and rooms control
- Arrival in Ferrara on Sunday afternoon.

What do you think about all of this? It will be an unforgettable experience that you will remember forever!!! (Ask anyone who has been there already!).

We will also be able to use the facilities for both beach volleyball and beach soccer!

Here is what we offer:

- Ferrara - Rimini roundtrip
- Official EN 2019 welcome pack.
- ESN Ferrara’s Welcome Pack Special Edition.
- Stay from Thursday, May 16th till Sunday, May 19th in half board! This includes:
* Dinners on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
* Breakfasts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
* 3 nights (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at the hotel.
* 3 afternoon parties from Thursday to Saturday.
* 3 night parties from Thursday to Saturday in clubs
* Security.
* Night watchman.
* Medical Facilities.
* assurance
* alcohol by ESN Ferrara
* Special Surprises for you!

All of this for 200€ + 70€ as a deposit for the rooms,transport,etc which will be given back to you if there won’t be any damages (as it has to be, because you are good!!!).

N.B.! The fee has to be understood as a whole, it contains the whole journey as just described to you above. It's absolutely impossible to subscribe only for the parties or for just some days.

To REGISTER you have to fill the FORM we'll send you tonight at 9 PM and come to pay the first part of the fee (100€) during the office on friday or next monday in order to reserve your place!

The second part of 100€ will be paid by March, 27th
The third and last one with the remaining 70€ as a deposit has to be paid later (we'll let you know then)
Check the Erasmus Group frequently if you guys want to be updated about our office hours!
You can pay also all together and/or by bank transfer! For info contact us!

Please note that we have a limited number of places, so sign up as quickly as possible! ;)

16/05/2019 - 08:00 to 19/05/2019 - 15:00
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